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Adama TV Awards 2013

Adama TV Awards 2013

Eligible TV Shows…

-New Girl
-Modern Family
-The Office
-Parks and Recreation
-The Walking Dead
-How I Meet Your Mother
-Game of Thrones
-Downton Abbey
-Sons of Anarchy
-American Horror Story
-House of Cards
-True Blood
-Mad Men
-30 Rock
-Happy Endings
-Hell on Wheels
-Game of Thrones
-arrested development
-Breaking Bad

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Zombies 201: Protective Clothing

Zombies 201: Protective Clothing

Just like a woman picking her outfit for a wedding, you got to plan your Zombie fighting outfit. You can’t just throw anything on and expect to be ok. Taking into account what you’re battling these are the types of things you’ll want to wear.

Important Things to Consider
-Must be tight
-Nothing Hanging off (Zipper pulls, tags)
-Light Weight
-Tear resistant
-Doesn’t have to be bullet proof


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Zombies 201: Safe Houses

Zombies 201: Safe Houses

So let’s say the outbreak has happened, now what? where do you go? Let’s take a look at a couple of the better places to take shelter and some of the places to avoid.

Avoid These Places
Shopping Mall: Fun idea for a movie, terrible in real life. Way to many ways in, plus a lot have back entrances and hallways that can be easily missed.
Wal-Mart: While there might not be many entrances, if a zombie…

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Zombies 000: Zombie Library Event

Zombies 000: Zombie Library Event

Some of you know that in a couple of weeks I’ll be on a panel at my local library during a zombie event. I’m one of the zombie experts, crazy right. I figured I’d share what we’ve got for talking points and see what you thought about it. Let me know if there is anything we left out or shouldn’t bother talking about.

1. Zombies in General
-Talk about different zombie origins/What Causes Zombies…

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Zombies 101: Fast vs Slow Zombies

Zombies 101: Fast vs Slow Zombies

Fast vs Slow Zombies, there seems to be a divided between zombies fans, some claim that fast running zombies aren’t at all. While others believe that they are just a different bread of zombie. I like both fast & slow they’ve both got interesting qualities. We could take a look at both but honestly other than the fact that one is fast and the other is slow there really isn’t much difference. I’ve…

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Zombies 101: Zombie Senses

Zombies 101: Zombie Senses

From what I can tell, zombies aren’t running on all the same senses that we normal none brain eaters are using. Let’s run thought them.

The Basic Five…

1. Sight
[list type=”pencil”]

  • This is their primary sense, much like us. They have the ability to tell the difference between people and a car. So they are a step ahead of a T-Rex.
  • They don’t really have super vision, it seems to be the same as…

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Zombies 201: Using your Town/City during a Zombie Outbreak

Zombies 201: Using your Town/City during a Zombie Outbreak

Sure having great weapons and vehicles is a great way to help survive a zombie outbreak, but using your towns layout to your advantage is also extremely beneficial. Let’s look at some of the things that may be in your town or city that can help you get around.

Golf Course

Why: Wide Open, long lines of sight.
Buy Be Careful: Also lots of hills, so move slowly.

Train Tracks

Why:Often have at least…

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Zombies 101: High Level Look at Zombie Fighting Weapons

Zombies 101: High Level Look at Zombie Fighting Weapons

Zombie Fighting Weapons, I’m not going to go deep into every weapon in this post, this is just a high level look at them. I’m sure everyone has there preferred zombie fighting weapon. But have you actually stopped to think about if it’s really that great of a choice. Let’s have a look.


Why You Should Pick It: Take them out from a distance
Why You Shouldn’t Pick It: Ammo is needed, knowledge…

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Zombies 101: Do Zombies Need To Eat

Zombies 101: Do Zombies Need To Eat

I mentioned last week that I would talk about this. You’ll be happy to know that while researching what others have written on the subject google tried to auto complete my search results to “Do Zombies Poop?” I’ll have to go back later and see if they actually do.

Back to do Zombies need to eat? You have to look at this question in two ways…

First, we talked about that the driving force behind…

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Zombies 101: What Vehicles To Drive During The Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies 101: What Vehicles To Drive During The Zombie Apocalypse

Assuming you don’t have time to build the Tumbler from Batman Begins, let’s take a look at what vehicle you may want to drive, during a zombie outbreak. Oh and by the way, the Tumbler really is the vehcile of choice. Built perfectly for zombies.


Why You Should Pick It: Easy to find, fast, easy to drive
Why You Shouldn’t Pick It: Nosy, not great off road
Zombie Score: 3/5


Why You Should…

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